Indigo Kashmire 


Up to 8 People 25 pp (suggested love donation)

One hour of guided mediation experiencing a unique metaphysical technique combined with Master Level Reiki which involves hands on, upper body healing that transmutes negative cell memory energy into positive energy, revitalizing the inner body chakra system and strengthening your immune defenses.  You can use this energy to manifest and create joy, love and a feeling of youthful innocence.  In essence, this reverses the aging process.

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“I have completed two healing sessions with Indigo Kashmire.  The first session began a process of awakening.  I have MS and have been confined to a wheelchair for 10 years.  I felt light after the first session and could envision myself walking, pacing and I felt as if my heavy energy was transformed to a lighter feeling. “

“During the second healing session a week later, as she was moving my hips, it served as a rhythm and it felt like I was walking on the bed instead of lying down.  Knees were coming up in front of me.  When Indigo had her hands on the back of my head and neck it felt like the lesions in my upper spinal cord were reaction to the energy, using it to heal themselves.  At the same time I was hearing in my mind that I could heal myself.  Then she touched the lesions in my head.  It felt like it was connected to a thread of energy pulsating through my spinal cord.  Later, I wanted to get on all fours and crawl for exercise."

~Laura Pedre

Miami Beach, Florida

 “When Indigo worked on me I could see nothing else behind my eyes but a pure white light.  The light seemed to transmute residue energy left behind until it was gone."

 "I saw colors from Cindy, yellowish green, flowing out of me and disappearing in white light, and by the time she was done, there was no more greenish light.  Just white.  It was like I saw light that would appear up and to the left of my head in front of it and moved it back straight in front of me."

 “At one point, I felt as if I were floating in light.”

 The Mastery healing with (Adam Wright) at the end brought a different energy to the healing session.  I could then see visions of specific landscapes and in between visions there was darkness with yellow shooting trails, then another vision would begin.”

 ~Lou Romano

 Pompano Beach, Florida

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