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This group will discuss all aspects of the spiritual awakening process.  It will provide a support group, links, research, facts, guest speakers and will have self awareness homework assignments both for you individually and as a group.  You will learn how to approach truth, assimilate and process your understandings so that you are able to create a plan of action to make effective changes not only in your life but within you.  These changes are part of your individual journey.  You cannot share your journey but you can be on the same or similar path of someone else. 

This group will meet weekly.  I will perform distant healing and basic readings to each of you individually.  We will work together to teach you how to develop your intuition, meditate, send positive energy in your messages to help manifest correctly and effectively manage the dynamics of relationship in your life and the spiritual understandings/connections associated with them.  This is an on-going vision of growth on a path of our common goal....serenity and peace of mind combined with a high quality of life. 

You will be able to draw from the universal love energy that is abundant for us all.  You will cultivate a discipline in your life and a program that works for you.  You will also be activated to administer your own self healing system and be born into your innate gifts as I promise will be needed soon.

This group will also approach current events, evaluating and gathering information on key issues, people, locations and time.  You will be able to sense your purpose here very quickly into the process and technique that I use for Awakening to Spirit.

Group I Session I

12:00-1:00           Introductions: Your name, where you are from and one thing that you would like to improve or change about you through the commitment to yourself in this group.

1:00-2:00              AWAKENING PROCESS PART I

·         Tuning into Energy Vibration (by stepping back)

·         Life Cycles for Collecting Information and Fear Releasing

·         Journey, Path, Soul Connections, Soul Mates, Twin Flames

·         Self Love/Tantra-Healing the Sexuality, Spinning, Shaking

·         Meditation and Prayer Techniques

·         Symptoms of Awakening (headaches, sleep issues, fatigue, confusion)

·         Nutrition/Hydration/Exercise-GMO’s, chemicals and dyes

2:05-2:45              AWAKENING PROCESS PART II

·         Belief Systems, Red Flags, Clues

·         Formula that works:

§  Asking Self Questions-Reality Awareness Training

§  Metaphysical Techniques

§  Positive Affirmations

§  Passionate Intention


·         Metaphysical Abilities

§  Self Healing, Empathic Sensitivity, Intuition,

§  Connection with Spirit Guides

§  Astrology, Tarot

§  Reiki

2:45-3:00              QUESTIONS/COMMENTS

Before making payment for a session, please contact me by email or by phone 754-366-6215 so that I may speak you to let you know if there is space in the particular session you are wanting to join.

Thank you


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