Readings, Reiki and Quantum Healing by Indigo Kashmire   

Metaphysical Readings
Combined with Master Level Reiki II Distant Healing
My readings are very detailed and unique.  As an Adult Indigo, all of my metaphysical gifts work in unison to provide you with a moving experience.  Often, the important aspects of your life come to light immediately.  As you speak, I am able to hone in to your energy.  As an Empath, I place myself at your soul level and feel from your perspective.  With a first name, I will read other people around you.  You may ask questions that reveal the truth from their soul.  

I use Remote Viewing to see your past, present and future.  I ask my 22 Spirit Guides to give me the words, symbols and messages that will bring clarity to your understanding.  My Spirit Guides also provide precise timing of events that will occur in the future.  

Spirits communicate with me through a series of clairvoyant feelings and symbols called Mental Mediumship.  If you wish, I will answer questions and deliver messages from the deceased to assist you in finding the closure needed to move forward.

My style of reading provides a deeper look into your soul purpose in this lifetime.  Past life information will surface if it is important to your knowing.

I can immediately sense any medical issues in crisis through Medical Intuitiveness.   I telepathically communicate with the body and all of its organs and functions.  While we are reading, you will be able to feel the Reiki II Distant Healing effect that will clean and clear your chakras, and remove thought and emotional residual energy in your aura field.

I provide many different types and styles of readings, and my services can be utilized over the telephone, Skype, chat, video chat, by email, locally in-person, and in a group setting.  I do not time my readings instead I ask Spirit to tell us when it is time to end.

I have a unique way of opening the innate gifts you may have.  I will identify them and explain to you how to manage your own gifts once they are opened.  I provide mentoring, one on one in a weekly one or two hour session remotely or in person if you desire to cultivate your gifts so they may work for you on a higher level.

As well as readings, I also provide local hands on or remote distant Reiki Master Level Healing utilizing several modalities. 

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